7 Fears That Are Holding You Back

To cultivate an abundance mindset and create changes in our wealth, we need to get out of our comfort zone and take aligned actions.

We have also been told to release control and open up to receiving – which often times seems easier said than done for most of us (especially if you, like me, are conditioned to be a Type-A go-getter.)

I am sure it’s not news to you. I am sure you have read a whole lot about it and understand intellectually the principles behind these teachings.

But when the rubber meets the road, when it comes time to making the internal changes (mindset) and external changes (actions), many people feel like they have one foot on the gas and one foot on the break.

Something deep in us is sabotaging our efforts. Something that drives our subconscious mind to take actions not in alignment with our highest vision.

What is it? And how do we overcome this hurdle so we can move towards more wealth and abundance?

"First step is to understand what is holding us back, and in this article we will look at it through the lens of fears"

Here are the 7 primary fears that get in the way of you creating more abundance in your life:

  1. The Fear of Not Being Good Enough - This fear can keep us in procrastination, or hide behind blueprints, checklists and processes handed to us by others so we don’t make mistakes and prove that we are not good enough.
  2. The Fear of Losing Control - Many of us know that we need to let go of control and open up to receiving. However, this is hard for many people because of some deep-seated need for controlling their environment.
  3. The Fear of Not Being Worthy - It all starts in your head – if you don't feel and trust that you deserve wealth, how can you create situations where wealth can come to you, and how can you convince others that you do deserve the wealth?
  4. The Fear of Change - This fear holds us back from stepping out of the comfort zone, and take different actions to create breakthroughs.
  5. The Fear of Lack - Where your attention goes, the energy flows. If the focus is placed on lack and the fear of it, it would be very hard to open up space for abundance to flow in.
  6. The Fear of Being Judged/Criticized  This fear can keep us in conformity and playing small. If we are surrounded by people who don’t encourage us to step up and increase our wealth and abundance (or stay at the same level as they are), our fear of being criticized by them will hold us back from taking the actions we need to take to increase our wealth.
  7. The Fear of Missing Out - This fear can sometimes work to our advantage because it actually kicks us into action. However, it may also cause us to take misaligned action from a place of wrong energy, doing things that don’t yield results.

The first step of overcoming these fears is to cultivate the awareness and understand why it is there – most of the time, it’s our subconscious trying to protect us.

We all have fears – it is a very primal part of us. To work through fears, it is less so about fighting it or overcoming it. Doing so is like fighting a part of us and this creates internal conflict and self-judgment.

First thing is to name it and frame it – see it and accept it for what it is, and when you can objectify it instead of internalizing it, you will be able to take action in spite of fears.

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