How To Create Engaging Videos

What’s one of the fastest ways to get found on social media (and get clients)?

No doubt video marketing is the thing! It’s actually more than the trend. 

So below are the three people from whom we can learn why their videos are shared so many times, why they are so inspirational and how they’ve created raving fans. 

Gary Vaynerchuk

Alexi Panos

Peta Kelly

They all have different types of personality, messages and followers but here are the common things you can find. 


When we were little, we never really cared about what people would think or say about us but as we get older, we start to layer who we are with all these concerns and at times, we start to become someone who we’re not.

Then we’re told by many how we should act, talk and behave so before we say or do something that we automatically choose the right words or behaviours which we think will make us liked and accepted by the society, rather than share our message from our heart.

It’s not about learning how to be authentic but it’s really about ‘unlearning’ all the things we learned so we can go back to that child-like mind and be our authentic selves. 

Natural Communication

If you watch Alexi, Gary or Peta’s videos, you’ll notice that their ‘presenting’ or ‘talking’ styles are different. They make making videos seem so easy. Their words and gestures look so natural, engaging and trustworthy.

They are congruent with the way they communicate and because of that, their message flows easily.

It might take some time for you to find what comes natural to you but the best way is to start creating as many videos as you can so you can start practising. You’ll then notice that if you talk about the topic that you’re well versed in and passionate about, your communication will ‘flow’ smoothly. That brings me to my next point. 


If you were to ask me to talk about meditation, mindset or business strategy for startup coaches, I can easily talk about it because I know those topics well. However, if I were to talk about gardening, that video will be a big fail.

It comes down to this; what are you good at? What topic do you know so well that you can talk about it anywhere or you want to talk about it all the time?

What have you learned from others that you can teach others back with impact? What experiences in your life that you can use as stories to inspire, empower or teach others? 

Your Reason

Finally, what’s your reason? What’s your why? Why do you want to create videos?

When you do something you love, despite the challenges you might face, things are easier and more fun. If you want to create videos because everyone else is doing but you don’t really care, may be you shouldn’t do it at all.

However, if you want to create videos because you have a message to share, you want to be closer to your audience or you want to teach something that will make a positive difference, then here are some simple tips for you to get started. 

  1. Choose a broad topic that you know well and can passionately talk about.
  2. Break it down into smaller titles so you can create several videos.
  3. Write down 3-5 key takeaways for people to implement from each video.
  4. Practise once everyday with your phone or in front of a mirror.
  5. Show it to your friends and family you trust for feedback.
  6. Repeat the process and you’re good to go!

Remember, it’s not about the camera, the lighting or the location. Yes they do make a difference but it’s the message that’s the most important.

Practise makes perfect.

Happy videoing xx


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