How To Meditate For Success

How To Meditate For Success

You’re busy. You can’t focus. You got much more important things to do. And I agree with you. Your business is more important than sitting in silence for 30 minutes doing nothing. It’s totally unproductive.

But what if I give you some more facts and simple steps so you can be more focussed, more productive, more energised and actually produce results? What am I talking about? 


It’s not the new age thing that’s trendy. It’s actually thousands of years old practise that creates spiritual awakening. But we’re not talking about it today. Today, let’s just stick to how meditating can actually help you in your business. 

1. Stress

When you meditate, science has shown that the stress chemicals in your body lowers and the brain reshapes it in a way that it starts to reduce stress even after you meditate. 

2. Creativity 

When you meditate, the noise in your head aka your thoughts slow down which means you’re creating space for your creativity to come up to surface. We’re all creative. Our creativity is just buried deep under our daily thoughts and worries. 

3. Concentration

When you meditate, your concentration power becomes laser focussed. Your procrastination and excuses go away. Research has shown that people who meditate actually stay on their tasks longer compared to those who don’t. 

4. Anxiety

When you meditate, you can filter your thoughts which means you can train your mind to slowly let go of the thoughts that don’t serve you and start replacing them with positive thoughts. Research has shown that 90% of people have reduced anxiety symptoms with mindfulness meditation. 

5. Relationships

When you meditate, the relationship with yourself improves. Your self-doubts go away. Your self-love and self-worth improves. You become more confident with yourself. You become more comfortable in your own skin. A relationship with another person is mainly a projection of our own internal state of mind. When we have a great relationship with ourselves, our relationship with others improves as well. 

So how do I start meditating? I thought you’d ask. 

Now, there are many types of meditations and the one I practise is called vipassana mindfulness meditation. Watch this video if you want to understand a bit more about mindfulness meditation.