The Money Taboo

I wish for the day we don’t need to worry about money anymore. 

Living in this society, money plays a big role in our everyday life. However, I’d be the first one to say that money can’t buy happiness, true love or meaning but I’ll also say that money brings you ‘choices’ in life. 

I see so many clients of mine, in fact almost all of them, come to me asking for a business and pricing strategy but when I do give them, they’re still not making the money they want.

Isn’t it interesting? 

So going back to what I said earlier about money = choices, let me put some context around it. As long as we’re living in this society, unless you live on an island with your own home grown food, you need money to survive, pay for bills, pay for the trips you want to take and pay for your family.

However, when we have financial challenges, we’re stuck in the survival mode where all our time and energy is spent on how to make money. However, when you have the money, you can do things that matter and you can use all that time and energy you spend worrying about money on things that matter. 

But the thing is, money is like sex, it’s something natural and something that we enjoy but it’s such a taboo word that most of us feel icky to talk about it, and we have so many negative and limiting beliefs around it. 

Here are a few:

  • People with money are arrogant. 
  • Money is so hard to make. 
  • Money makes relationships break. 
  • I need to work harder than I do now to make money. 
  • It’s not ok for me to make money while the rest of my friends and family don’t. 
  • People will think I’m greedy if I make a lot of money. 
  • I’ll make my partner feel less if I make more money than him. 
  • Rich people cheat and lie. 
  • I don’t have the skills to make money. 
  • Money isn’t spiritual. 
  • Money comes with worries so it’s easier for me not to make money. 
  • People are rich because they’re dishonest and cutthroat. 
  • I have a lot of windows in my house and that’s why I can’t make money. (Yeah, seriously I’ve heard that one before!)
  • It’s not the right timing yet. 
  • I feel like a fraud to charge money.
  • If I have a lot of money, people will be jealous of me. 
  • I’m not l ucky. 

Does it sound familiar? My dear, if you say yes to some of these, you have a money block. 

What’s a money block? It’s a limiting belief or a conditioning that’s programmed in our mind by our family, society or even by ourselves as we grow up. We don’t even know they’re there but the symptom is that, we’re not making the money we want in our business. 

That’s why I got a little exercise for you.

But wait… you have to ask yourself first. Do you really want to learn how to make money?

Making money is easy. It’s the acceptance and awareness of our own limitations is hard. The only obstacle that stands in our way to success, happiness or choices in our life is us. 

So I’m going to give you a little exercise below. Get a pen and paper please. You need to give about 15 minutes to go through the exercise. 15 minutes to make your first $500, $1,000 or $5,000 is worth it right? 

Ok here you go. 

  1. What did you learn about money growing up? 
  2. How did you parents make money? (Did they work 24/7?)
  3. Write 10 negatives and positives each that come into your mind when you think about the word money
  4. Describe money in 10 words. 
  5. What do your parents think about money? 
  6. What do your friends think about money? 
  7. What does your partner think about money? 
  8. What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to money? 
  9. What are your limiting beliefs about money? (e.g. I can’t make money. It’s hard to make money. I don’t deserve money. etc.)
  10. What are you thinking on a daily basis about money? 
  11. What are you telling yourself about your ability to make money?
  12. What are you telling yourself about your ability to save money?
  13. What do you think about people who have money? 
  14. What are your doubts about money?
  15. Who do you admire when it comes to money? Why? 
  16. How are you different from them? 
  17. Do you think you deserve money?
  18. Do you think you’re capable of making money? 

Now if you’re really honest with yourself and if you really wrote down all the answers to those questions, that’s the first step of becoming aware of your own blocks. Awareness is the secret sauce to secret. Once you are aware, the second step is to be careful about the thoughts you have because they’re driving your behaviours. I talk more in-depth about this topic in my new book called Little Business Book: Insider Guide To Start A Passionate Business From Scratch.

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Click here to get your copy


Not only do I talk about money blocks, I also share the strategies on how to price your products or services, the marketing strategies and basically the step-by-step approach for you to get started and get things done. 

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Wishing you all the best, 

Arabelle xx