How To Deal With People Who Want Your Services Cheap

How To Deal With People Who Want Your Services Cheap

“Wow, you’re so expensive!"

I used to have so many people come to me for my help and they bargained like they were buying cheap handbags. I didn’t understand what was going on. I’d get angry, annoyed and disappointed. 

Then I realised what was going on. 

Limiting Belief #1

I didn’t believe I deserve that money. That was when I was starting out so I felt I wasn’t enough. I needed to get more certifications. I needed to do more pro-bono work because I wasn’t experienced enough. Somehow, that belief was subconsciously communicated. 

Limiting Belief #2

I wanted to please. If I said no, I believed I’d be seen demanding and arrogant. I wanted to be liked.

Limiting Belief #3

I needed the money. As a newbie coach, I understood money = motivation so I was ready to discount my abilities for the cheap rates. 

But you don’t have to do that because I’m going to give you tips on how to deal with this situation. 

1. Your clients are paying you for their dreams. And their dreams are priceless! 

When you coach, teach or provide a service, and if you’re serving from heart, never defend why you charge what you charge. Because you don’t have to. If you find yourself justifying the price with the number of sessions people get, the materials they’re going to get, etc, stop. You’re no longer in control of the conversation. 

2. When people want you cheap, it shows that they don’t see the value in your services.

May be you haven’t explained the ‘benefits’ not the features well enough. May be they aren’t really interested. They’re just asking because the ‘idea’ of having your services make them feel like they’re doing something about the problem they have. 

3. If they’re genuinely in a difficult situation, are you happy to reduce your prices for them?

If yes, don’t offer the reduced price yet. Ask them what their budget is first. Or you can create a payment plan option for them. 

4. Don’t work with everyone!

I used to work with anyone who’d pay me. Now I only work with a selective number clients who I choose to work with. 

5. Don’t be too available.

My calendar is always full with activities; coaching, personal projects and personal time.

6. Learn to lose a client happily.

I used to get a lot No’s from potential clients. Now I say a lot of No’s.

7. Value your time, effort and worth.

They will then value you. 

"Just because someone wants your services cheap doesn't mean you need to reduce your prices"

Over to you..when was the last time someone wanted your services cheap? What did you do? How did you react? Leave a comment below so the community can learn from you! 


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