How To Survive Your Childhood Now That You’re An Adult With Ira Israel

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Ira Israel is the author of “How To Survive Your Childhood Now That You’re and Adult: A Path to Authenticity and Awakening” and creator of the best-selling “A Beginner’s Guide to Happiness,” “A Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness Meditation,” “Mindfulness for Anxiety,” and “Mindfulness for Depression” video series. Ira is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Mindful Relationship Coach. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and has graduate degrees in Psychology, Philosophy, and Religious Studies.

Today’s chat with Ira was so good, I could have gone over an hour easily. But for the sake of keeping time for everyone, it’s just well under an hour!

In this chat, we talked about

  • How as children we wanted the unconditional love from our parents and the facades we wore to receive that love and acceptance.

  • How those facades can be brought over into our adult lives and how it takes away our authenticity.

  • What authenticity is and why it’s important

  • Ira’s 5 steps to becoming authentic

  • How our 21st century culture is slowly disconnecting us from who we truly are

And so much more.


00:57 Get to know Ira

04:26 Listening & Answering to a Calling

07:03 What Should You Do When You Cannot Hear Your Calling

09:55 5 Step Formula to Autenticity

15:05 Forgiveness After Holding On to Anger

17:20 Forgiving Ourselves When Forgiving Others

18:18 Healing Ourselves Towards the Path to Authenticity

21:40 The Wounded Child in us

24:15 Attachment Theory

30:48 Childhood Stories Showing up in Adulthood

35:01 How buddhism influenced Ira’s Work

43:35 The 1 Thing We all need to do right Now



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