Becoming A Value-Based Conscious Parent

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As a parent, we all want the best life for our children. Because of this desire, we think we know what’s best for them. Unconcsciously, we project our own dreams, our own values, and our own fears on them that we become too controlling. We expect our children to do something that may only be important to us but not to them.

There is no perfect parenting style as it varies from every parent. But one important thing we usually forget is, every human being has a unique set of values, including our children.

Tune into this episode as Dr. Shefali, Ira Israel, and Dr. Demartini give us tips on parenting.


01:09 – How can you consciously parent your child

05:10 – How childhood experiences show up in adulthood

06:08 – How can parents let go of control and create a deeper connection with their child

09:54 – Regulating fear as a parent and using Demartini Method in parenthood

12:05 Important things parents should do for their children to grow up balanced and happy


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