Trusting the Unknown

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Are you anxious about your future and not knowing what’s next? When we venture out into the unknown with nothing but trust and vibrational alignment with our highest calling, that is when we grow so much more.

This episode features Pia and Tariq Amawi, Jeffrey Slayter, and Dr. Shefali.

As co-Founder of Helenika Travels, Tariq is a new paradigm unteacher and passionate deprogrammer of childhood beliefs, emotional blocks and societal conditioning. Pia has studied with spiritual masters and mentors from the Amazon to India, and teaches how to integrate clarity and energy into work.

Jeffrey Slayter is a positive disrupter of psyche’s (in a good way), having played the role of transformational coach, facilitator and spoken to over three million people from twelve different countries.

Starting at a young age, Dr. Shefali has been embracing her journey to discover her true self. Dr Shefali is a world renowned wisdom teacher, clinical psychologist, and international speaker.

All 4 guests will guide us in finding our path, letting go of all our attachments, and living our truest self.

If you feel stuck, lost, or confused with which path to take in life, then this episode just might be for you!


00:48 My masculine & feminine energy

01:24 Understanding the difference between men and women

04:33 A clash in values in a relationship

06:05 The importance of communicating verbally and non-verbally

08:19 Using energy to communicate

10:30 Understanding vs. tolerating in a relationship

13:36 Linking values for relationship dynamics


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