Turning Challenges into Opportunities

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When life throws challenges at us, it’s important to choose what to focus on. What if we start looking at all the things that don’t go our way as an opportunity to grow and learn? These moments in life can serve as ways to test how badly we want our dreams and it can prepare us for the next level shift in our life.

This episode is a series of wisdom bombs from 3 inspiring guests, Adam Roa, Kate Grey, and Ira Israel.

Adam talks about pushing his limits and letting go of his attachment to a breakdown. He talks about breakdowns not being a necessary component of breakthroughs. One of his top values is following his intuition which requires trusting in the unknown. Trusting the unknown means not having a clear plan but knowing that you would be exactly where you are supposed to be.

Kate is an epitome of “anything is possible”. Her commitment to her continuous transformation and uplevelling is inspiring. She has redefined her relationship with failure and promised herself that no matter what, she will continue to fail forward. She is in a constant evolution of experiencing comfort and discomfort and moving forward. As she evolves and grows, she is comfortable with letting go of the old, shedding the parts of her that are not her anymore, and letting people see who she is currently and authentically.

At some point in our struggles in life, we feel like we have no choice. We feel stuck. We lose our drive in pursuing our purpose – our vocation. Ira shares how we can tap into our true calling and figure out what we truly want in life regardless of our struggles and limiting beliefs.

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