How to Attract and Keep the Right Guy with Mark Rosenfeld

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Should you make the first move? Does he like you or not? Is he “the one”? Should you stay in your relationship? I’m sure so many questions have crossed your mind about men, dating, and relationships. Things can get a little confusing when it comes to dating and relationships, right? Oh how we wish we could read the male psyche!

Many are still on their journey of searching for the quality man they want and deserve. And believe it or not, this all boils down to your self-love, confidence, growth, and authenticity.

Mark Rosenfeld, Australia’s #1 Dating and Relationship coach, shares with us in this episode how you can take control of your lovelife. His passion is to empower women and find  authentic companionship with the man they deserve. He has been featured on, Style Magazine, Thought Catalog, Elite Daily, The Good Men Project and radio across Australia, with his online video content attracting more than 50,000,000 views.

In this episode, Mark talks about knowing if someone just likes you or if someone likes you enough to do something about it. He further guides us whether women should make the first move. He believes that women can give men a green light and be clear about their intentions, but it’s also important to not get into the habit of doing the heavy lifting for the guy. Women can show interest without looking needy and desperate as we all fear to be.

From dating, we’ve also dived deep into the common challenges we have in relationships. In relationships, we tend to focus more on superficial things and on what we lack or fail to bring in the relationship. Mark advises that we should shift our focus on what we actually bring to the lives of our partners that they value – deep acceptance, support, connection, and freedom. He also talked about the 5 feminine energies that empower women and make us high-value women.

Ultimately, Men are different from women. Instead of always thinking that you are the problem, it’s important to look deeper and actually see through what’s really going on. Tune in to the full episode to know more about dating and relationships!
To know more about Mark and his work, check out his Youtube channel and grab a copy of his book!


01:38 What being human means to Mark

03:43 Get to know Mark

04:54 Signs that your date likes you

07:09 Who should make the first move?

08:33 Men are naturally wired to be hunters

10:52 What you should and shouldn’t do when the guy is out of your league

18:26 5 parts of a really empowered high value woman

24:57 Do high achieving women repel men?

29:26 What men want from women and how women can understand men more

34:52 Self love and relationships

40:06 Tips when you’re falling out of love

43:16 Why men cheat

46:47 How do you trust again if you’ve been cheated on?

50:08 How to avoid cheating


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