Transforming Struggle to Success with Kate Gray

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There is opportunity when life falls apart. It’s a moment where we are being stripped off with everything that we are made of and we are presented with an opportunity.

The guest for this episode is one of those who looks at life, takes life’s lessons, breaks cycles, and uses challenges as opportunities to transform and also touch the lives of others. And it all started with her making a decision.

Kate Gray is a business influencer and innovator who from scratch with $0 capital built 2 online 7 figure businesses in the past 5 years. Her passion is mentoring entrepreneurs in high-performance for Business & Life to accelerate their Income, Impact, and Influence.

She always had a deep sensitivity for humanity and wanting to make a difference.She wants humanity to experience their own sovereignty and believes that happiness is our birthright.

Growing up, she felt like she never fitted in and was subjected to emotional and psychological abuse. She felt that she could never be enough. This led her to life’s detours and to a path of destruction. The only thing that pulled her from her old life of drugs and homelessness was her dad  passing away. At that moment, she realized that if she continued on the path that she was on, her own life expiry would come sooner. That changed the course of her life. She made a decision to take responsibility and found ways to heal herself with the intention to heal and stop others’ suffering.

Kate strives daily to be the embodiment that anything is possible. She has been committed to her transformation but like any other, she is also human who falls off the wagon from time to time. But what gets her through is that she has redefined her relationship with failure. She promised herself that no matter what, she will continue to fail forward. She is in a constant evolution of experiencing comfort and discomfort and moving forward. As she evolves and grows, she is comfortable with letting go of the old, shedding the parts of her that are not her anymore, and letting people see who she is currently and authentically.

Now with a  deep understanding  of the true nature of things and a strong desire to heal the world for the better, she continues to support conscious leaders and visionary entrepreneurs.

Kate will be releasing a 30 day course called Conflict Marketing which will be coming out on 30th July 2020, so make sure to check out her website!


01:13 What does being human mean to Kate

02:09 Get to know Kate

05:30 Kate’s driving force

06:43 Diving Deep into the impact their work creates

08:35 There is Always a Choice

11:00 Triggering people is a gift

13:17 Challenging moments Kate has gone through in her process of evolution

18:07 Redefining relationship with failure

19:56 Health and Vitality

23:52 Projection of Happiness

25:27 Discerning Between Internal Sabotage and Spiritual Awakening

26:31 3 Common Mistakes people do to sabotage their life

28:41 Being in the Earth University

29:27 Kate’s work and business

31:02 Money is nothing but a tool

38:42 Using the Prism Chart for your business

45:01 All parts affect the whole


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