From Success To Fulfillment With Jeffrey Slayter

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Are you in control of every aspect of your life? Do you have everything planned out?

Jeffrey Slayter, a transformational coach, thought leader, and speaker, was used to having a program in his life. He knew what’s next for him and what’s the meaning of certain events or actions in his life. He used to think that he was in control.

His goal, in his early 20s, was to share the stage with recognized thought leaders which he was able to do. A few of his other goals were to share a message of transformation and reach his financial goals. A big part of his successes and achievements was the push energy that he exerted to accomplish his goals. He kept pushing and thought all these accomplishments will make him happy. Reaching all these goals was the perfect picture of success but this status quo of success did not give him the happiness he thought of.

Eventually, this same push energy caused him to be burnt out, unsatisfied, and wondering what all his efforts were for. He knew that happiness could not be found anywhere else but inside one’s self.

Then, Jeffrey decided to recalibrate and took time to reflect. He exerted the same push energy while taking on the path of liberation and awakening. He realized that no matter how hard he pushes, it will not lead him anywhere. At this moment, he shifted from pushing to listening more to himself. He became gentler with himself through the awakening process. Ultimately, things fell into place at the right time with the right people.

For someone who was used to having control, it was painful for Jeff to not now what’s next in his life. According to Jeff, there’s a lot of medicine in darkness. With this, he navigated his own journey from success to fulfillment.

In his book Success 2.0, Jeff redefines the meaning of success. When he started, success was defined as bringing something new into the world, making a difference, creating an impact, and earning a huge amount of money. His journey was upgraded from reaching success, to not knowing what’s next, to trusting the unknown, and having fulfillment in life.


01:11 Jeff’s journey of pushing and surrendering to awakening
06:21 Being in action when it’s time to be in action
08:20 The Power of Listening
09:42 The Trap and Distraction
13:23 Redefining success
15:12 Being okay with not knowing
18:00 Trusting the unknown and being in the moment
23:32 Addiction to struggle
26:49 Doing what’s in the highest good for you
29:07 Success 2.0


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