Mindfulness and Compassion with Sayadaw Dr. K. Dhammasami

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At trying times like these when fear and stress levels are really high at a collective, it is very easy to succumb to your own worries and fears.

In this episode, Sayadaw Dr. K. Dhammasami talks about how the law of interdependence, empathy, and compassion can bring a silver lining during this pandemic. Sayadaw Dr. K. Dhammasami, both a teacher and meditation master, is a Theravada Buddhist monk with a doctorate from Oxford University. He has been teaching mindfulness meditation since 1996.

Sayadaw Dr. K. Dhammasami shares the importance of staying connected especially in these times. As humans, we need to be mindful about being a part of this planet and sharing it with other living beings. Staying connected does not only mean being updated with the current news, but by connecting emotionally with others with sympathy and empathy. This pandemic reminds us that we cannot live by just protecting ourselves but by protecting others too.

In his own practice and teaching, he observes mindfulness even in the simplest things in his daily life. To recognize and acknowledge the roles of other people (even those you don’t know) in your joy and success, enriches your own happiness too. With this consistent practice, you also become more mindful of your own actions and how you affect others.

Let us all learn to connect to our hearts and slow down a bit. This way, we become more self aware and more mindful towards others. When we put a little more thought in the things we do and put effort in connecting to our mind, heart, and others, we become more grateful for the things in our lives – big and small. With our small consistent actions, we reduce the pain of others so that they suffer less.


01:17 –  What is happening in the world right now? What does it say about us, humans, on the individual and collective level?

06:24 – How can we bring ourselves back to a state of calmness and equilibrium?

11:36 – How is the pandemic helping us in positively?

19:31 – Is this pandemic a message from nature? What is it reminding us?

24:05 – If we were to make new choices to support ourselves, our community, and the planet, what choices should we start making?

29:19 – With the current situation, what can we do to reduce anxiety?

34:19 – How can we have more compassion towards ourselves and people around us?

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