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A 4 hour Experience to Break Through Limitations and Step Into Abundance

How do you shift from the scarcity mentality “not (good) enough” to one of abundance “I’m worthy of it”?

Creating abundance is more than affirmations or visualisation. It’s more than beliefs and limitations. It’s a way of being. It’s embodying the frequency of abundance.

If you’ve heard of things like ‘Abundance is your birthright’, ‘the Universe has your back’ but you’re not seeing what you desire in your life, then we’ll help you have a breakthrough in this 4 hour workshop.

Here’s how we’re going to help you create;

  1. ALIGNMENT - aligning you to the state of abundance that is unique to you

  2. DISSOLVE - the negative charge of limitations that are holding you back, toxic relationships that lowers your vibration and rewrite subconscious beliefs that are dictating your current paradigm.

  3. RECEIVE - what you truly desire and what’s in alignment with your highest values

  4. VIBRATIONAL MATCH - fine tune so you become a match to what you want to manifest. Everything has its own unique frequency. This is about finding your own special soul signature.

Think ancient healing techniques, modern expansion methods, esoteric wisdom, somatic wisdom, paradigm shifting meditation, sound activations, mindset + energetic work and abundance principles.

We are bringing our combined 34 years of experience to create a judgement-free space for you so you can step into a safe space and expand. 

Abundance to us is living in alignment with highest values in all areas of your life.

Whether it’s the finances, relationship, personal growth or career, when you release what doesn’t serve you any longer then you can call in what your Soul truly desires. 

Over the years of working with hundreds and thousands of people, we’ve witnessed that when we’re tapped into the highest version of ourselves, there’s nothing that we can’t create. And the only one who’s in our way is ourselves. 

This is an experiential learning journey or a ceremony if you will…

This workshop is infused with the energy of transformation, healing, learning and growth.

When you have the willingness, openness and courage to dig deeper into your own psyche, that’s where you find what you’ve been seeking all your life.


Being able to create quantum shifts in your life and how that would have an impact on those that you love? 

Having the freedom to go through life with joy, ease and love… no matter what situation you’re in. How would that help you to create abundance in all areas of your life? 

Because after all, you’re the common denominator. You’re in the centre of it. 

When you shift, everything around you shifts. 

Amplify Your Abundance (Level 1) is designed to dig deep into your unconscious patterns and bring them to the conscious so you create a massive shift in your life. AYA is created as an experiential-learning experience where you’ll be learning and experiencing yourself through mind, body and spirit. 


Here’s what others who have experienced our work have to say…

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Who are we?


Arabelle is an internationally recognised Speaker, Life & Business Strategist.

She’s worked with close to 7000 people over the last 4 years co-creating emotional and financial freedom with them.

Arabelle brings the eastern wisdom from her roots combined with ancient healing modalities learned from spiritual masters and the modern transformational tools that she’s been trained in over the years.


Liam is a Medicine Man, Master Sound and Shamanic Healer. 

He’s guided more than 200,000 people through healing and personal transformation in all over the world.

With 25 years of experience helping people in the jungles of amazon with ancient healing tools and as a Demartini Method Practitioner, Liam brings a unique approach to transformation.